Elixir Warehouse Management brings a new paradigm in inventory management solutions – robust, easy to use warehouse management functionality at significantly lower total cost of ownership. The solution is highly customizable for rapid, cost effective implementation that helps in your business growth.

Elixir Warehouse Workforce Management solution provides warehouse managers with in-depth visibility into their operations to reduce labor inefficiencies, raise overall performance, and improve accuracy.

Elixir’s Cloud Based WMS

With the complexity in Supply Chain and customer’s buying patterns, warehouse operations has to be technologically advanced for the fulfillment of order and to meet customer’s needs. Elixir WMS doesn’t require expensive hardware, upgrades and never-ending maintenance cost.

Scalability – Elixir’s cloud-based solution gives customer the scalability to quickly expand their warehouse operations to meet changing market conditions. There is no capital expense for in-house hardware, software, and development, so that customer can invest the money and resources in business and not in technology.

Low Upfront Cost – Elixir’s cloud-based solutions provides an almost immediate return on investment with low upfront cost of ownership. Customer doesn’t need to procure hardware, software, or hire IT specialists. With a small monthly fees, customer can be worry-free with all technology jargons. Elixir’s technology specialists will take care of WMS hosting and database maintenance for the customer.

Customized Implementation - Elixir’s WMS has an in-built tool that helps customizing the application as per customer’s need. With download/upload functionality and ability to integrate with 3 rd party software, legacy data can be injected to Elixir’s WMS data-store with minimum effort. Elixir’s technology team dedicated to customer, helps in integrating with multiple systems to connect customer’s logistics processes from end-to-end. Customer can request to build customized reports, labels, pick-ticket etc. that are specific for them.

Increased Operational Efficiency – Elixir offers industry’s leading cloud-based warehouse management system with innovative product features, mobile solutions, and an easy-to-use interface. It improves operational efficiency by having real-time visibility into customer’s inventory, full and partial automation of goods allocation in warehouse locations, tracking time utilized in put-away.

Elixir offer best supply chain cloud solution to support your company’s unique needs and accelerate growth. It can be tailor-made to your needs that will in turn help drive innovation and turn traditional supply chains into integrated value chains.

Elixir Supply Chain Management (SCM) automates all key supply chain activities starting from design, planning, and procurement to shipment, receiving and order fulfillment. It is a systematic approach to manage the seamless flow of information, materials, and distribution services from product suppliers through freight-forwarders and warehouses to the end customer.

Elixir’s Cloud Based SCM

Implementation Support - Elixir’s technology team, helps customer in implementing SCM on the premise. Team uses various technology tools to load admin and any legacy data customer has in SCM application. In this competitive era it is critical to adapt quickly and implement fast. With a cloud-based system, Elixir’s team help customer to ramp up implementation of SCM fast using powerful logistics capabilities.

Seamless Fulfillment Process - To compete in today’s market, Elixir’s cloud bases SCM offers in the new seamless order process flow. It provides functionality to process order, shipment receive, inventory maintenance, transfers, invoice download and upload to quickbooks.

No Software Upgrades - Elixir’s application upgrades remain transparent to customers. They always work on the latest package. Elixir’s monthly small fess includes regularly scheduled updates and no IT infrastructure costs. Everything exists in the cloud. Updates work similarly to apps in mobile phones, meaning that customers always have the latest code base.

Customized as In-House developed - Elixir’s SCM technology team works closely either on-site with customer to customize the application as it has been developed in-house as per their need. From color combination to menu and screen design to functionality, it can be changed as per customer’s request.

Easy to Use - Elixir SCM offers simple and intuitive user interface that gives quick access to accurate and timely analytics, accessible anywhere and from virtually any device. It is a user friendly application that doesn’t require any navigation support.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Elixir business solutions help businesses implement best-in-class solutions for operational excellence, customer relationships and MI reports. Elixir’s vast portfolio of business solutions address a wide range of business needs, including supply chain, procurement, finance, logistics and warehouse.

Elixir Business Intelligence delivers deep insight on data, which empowers organizations to make smart decisions in each stage of business lifecycle. By leveraging statistical and data analytical methods, Elixir helps organizations to enhance their current processes to improve financial performance and customer satisfaction.


Supply Chain

Elixir Data Analytics and Business Intelligence solution empowers supply chain clients to accelerate their growth by visualizing their data and improving their business processes. It provides key performance indicators, alerts and alarms, delinquent purchase orders, sales backlog, shipments on water, dashboards, analytics on sales, procurement and sales representative.

  • Dashboard & Key Performance Indicators
  • Alerts & Alarms for Purchase Orders not Shipped, Late shipments, inventory levels, etc.
  • Inventory movements
  • Sales patterns using historic and seasons
  • Supply chain cycle by SKU and warehouse
  • Analytics on Revenue, Customer and Sales representative

Warehouse & Inventory

Elixir's WMS BI enhances the decision making ability further by providing operational and analytical reporting capabilities to organizations’ users, suppliers and partners. It integrates with WMS databases and extracts data for analytics that provide real-time performance to create warehouse efficiency. Warehouse managers, inventory supervisors, etc. can then use this analytics to identify performance trends and make consistent/coordinated decisions to strengthen value chain relationships.

  • Dashboard and Key performance indicators
  • Track and manage inventory products, expiration date, batch locations, transfers/returns
  • Analytics on Inventory turns, honeycombing factor, stackability
  • Reports on Aging, Outbound patterns, customer revenue, locations
  • Labor Tracking
  • Analytics on Customers, Containers and trucking

Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarding BI provides alerts & alarms for import/export operational events. It helps in informed decision making by management to maximize operational efficiencies. It gives business users the ability to access reports and continuously monitor organizational operational performance at enterprise levels.

  • Dashboards for customers & Freight analysis
  • Alerts & Alarms on operational events & custom documentations
  • KPIs for On-Time deliveries
  • Detail Analytics on customers, customs, carriers
  • Financial Analysis

Financial Control

Elixir offers fully automated reporting solutions to support financial control & reporting process. It helps to make decisions using data that tells where the business is profitable or where it needs improvements. Elixir dashboards, structured reports and ad-hoc analysis give vital information to the business in real time.

  • Dashboard and Key performance indicators
  • Alerts & Alarms
  • Financial Rations
  • Reports & Analytics on AR and AP
  • Cost & Margins analytics

Logistics & Transportation

Decision making becomes fairly simple and smart using Elixir predictive analytics/forecasting. It lowers transportation errors and conducts detailed cost benefit analysis to improve profitability. It optimizes deliveries for improve customer satisfaction. Elixir BI helps improving profitability within transportation and logistics operations by providing in-depth analysis of the suppliers, customers and every step of logistics chain. It demonstrates supplier performance against service level agreements to identify opportunities, negotiate intelligently, and create rate contracts based on results. It gives drill down to analyze loads, routes, carriers, bookings, slotting, wait times, freight audit and payment to understand cost variables.

  • Dashboard and KPIs
  • Analytics on carrier performances, mode-cost, suppliers, cycle-time
  • Reports on routing, truck performances, freight audit
  • Trends and drill down analysis on loads, booking, slotting, wait-time
  • Analytics on customers and payments to understand cost variables

Human Resources

HR manages tons of data about employees: profiles, compensation, benefits, hiring etc. Elixir utilizes this data to help increase human capital value within an organization. It helps HR to maximize the value of a seldom used resource. It supports HR professionals in all workforce cost-planning tasks, resource retention modeling, compensation and performance analysis which empowers HR executives to develop effective strategies. It provides access to a broad range of workforce-related data to support accurate planning, facilitate simulated planning scenarios, and enable continuous monitoring of actual performance relative to plan.

  • Dashboard and KPIs
  • Analytics on hiring, employee profiles, trainings, compensations, profit and cost centers
  • Reports on employee benefits, demographics, invoicing, payments
  • Trends on YTD hiring, vendor, partners
  • Predictive analysis on Market compensations
  • Workforce cost analysis