Empowering Business with Data

Elixir Business Analytics is a next generation analytics platform that enables easy integration with various data sources and embraces Artificial Intelligence to provide analytics and visualization.

With the focus on analytics and data visualization, non-technical staff can be equipped with self- service ad-hoc reporting. Sharing information with colleagues and stakeholders is offered to facilitate discussions and embed directly into the company's intranet. This platform is browser agnostic and is accessible from desktops as well as mobile devices.


Interactive Dashboards

With real-time/near real-time data extraction, Elixir provides customers with interactive dashboards and convert data into information.


Drill-Down Granular Reporting

Allows users to go into the detail of their data for analysis purposes.


“What-If” Analysis

Allows business to set their own parameters to predict potential impact on their operations before actually making it. It helps formulating strategies for better targets.


Alerts & KPIs

Allows users to take action based on alerts and alarms that they receive from Elixir. Elixir regularly checks data for critical KPIs of the business and keep track of their business conditions.


Trends & Patterns Analysis

Aimed at projecting past, present and future movements of events using time-series data analysis which involves comparison of data over time period. It provides patterns that help making sound decisions.


Predictive Analysis

Helps making predictions about unknown future events using statistical modeling. Elixir does this by analyzing current data to make intelligent decisions.