About Us

Elixir is a team of technology & business professionals who help organizations of various business domains like Finance, Retail & Distribution, Freight, Warehouse, and Transportation & Logistics by providing solutions and services in Data Management, Analytics & Business Intelligence. Elixir’s goal is to provide leading-edge capabilities in Business Intelligence as a Service, and developing applications and database solutions for the businesses. It empowers business of all sizes and develop strategic roadmaps for them to their growth. Elixir’s application suites, business solutions and BI services create business differentiation and advantage for customers.

Elixir’s comprehensive SCM & WMS suite allows businesses of all sizes to build their data, use embedded business intelligence for their MI and operate from any device. Modern best practices and data-driven intelligence are built into each applications.

Our Vision

To build a sustainable and strategic state-of-the-art product, while simultaneously providing honest service to our clients so that they can visualize their data and make smarter decisions for the growth of their company.

Our Values

The following six core values are the foundation of our company and are essential to Elixir’s business:

  • Customer Satisfaction: Our customer comes first and we intend to deliver the highest quality product, service and solution to them.
  • Integrity:  Elixir believes what is right is legally and morally sound; our actions demonstrate honesty with our Clients, Partners and Employees.
  • Respect: Elixir staff believes in treating individuals only with respect and dignity.
  • Quality: Elixir staff always strives to deliver an excellent quality product, service or solutions to our clients.
  • Innovation: Elixir fully embraces innovation in building out-of-box solutions and capabilities.
  • Teamwork: We believe in cohesive, collaborative teams and encourage a sense of belonging as well as ownership of what we do.