Propelling Growth

Through SCM Suite, Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Elixir Supply Chain & Inventory management Products, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence provides analytics on client data for smart, informed business decisions. It leverages current and historical data to identify the current state of business, help take control and predict where it leads to. Elixir Business Intelligence empowers client with their data by displaying key performance indicators across vivid dashboards that help target positive business trends, handle problems before they occur and accelerate their business growth.

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Business Control Center

A robust Data, MI Analytics & Visualization platform to provide enterprises the necessary basis for strategic decision making and operational efficiencies monitoring. Elixir is a Business Intelligence and Data Analytics suite that integrates with various data source and provides comprehensive visibility into their data. It is the industry’s best in class platform for Business Intelligence; including daily alerts, critical KPIs, interactive dashboards, enterprise reporting, data analytics and predictive analysis on an architecturally integrated business intelligence foundation.

Elixir is a platform that combines business rules and in-memory data analytics for real-time enterprise decision management.


Business Intelligence As a Service

Elixir provides a cloud based service that’s designed for businesses to subscribe and use through their web browsers.  The product helps businesses capture and analyze data from multiple sources and make data-driven decisions. Key functionalities include Alerts & Alarms on critical KPIs, interactive management, operational dashboards/scorecards, predictive analytics, online analytical processing, Drill down reports, Ad-hoc analysis, and What-If Analysis.


Catalyzing Supply Chain & Inventory

In today’s compelling market, you need a product that is easy to use, able to take instructions and delivers solution on a real-time basis, no matter where you are, is of incredible value.

Elixir’s Supply Chain & Inventory Management suite offers smart and innovative business solutions for distribution and warehouse management. Our Supply Chain & Distribution and Warehouse management system are professionally designed and approved by industry experts and can be customized as per customers' needs.

The Elixir Supply Chain Distribution & Inventory Management suite spans the supply chain inventory management spectrum. It addresses the following supply chain inventory management components:

  • Procurement: Includes Vendor management, Purchase Order, Pricing & promotions
  • Inbound Logistics: Includes shipment, BOL, receiving, inventory locations, put-away & allocation.
  • Storage and Facility Management: Includes storage space utilization, inventory management, transfers and reallocation.
  • Value Added Services: Includes labeling, packing, and palletizing
  • Outbound Logistics: Includes picking, assembly, pick & pack, and shipping
  • Reverse Logistics: Includes transfers, product returns, refurbishment
  • Financials: Includes Billing, invoicing and connectivity with Quickbooks

Take your Business to Next Level

In this dynamic, complex and fast-moving economy, supply chain and warehouse industry requires smart technical and professional services that take their business to next level.

The products in technical market are either very complex and huge or too expensive to be developed inhouse and customized for a single customer. Some solutions are un-scalable and some cant configure as per customer's need. Data visualization is either missing or so stale.

The marketplace demands innovation and that’s where smart technical team hand-shake with supply chain and warehouse experts and built a product, Elixir Supply Chain and Warehouse management system. Elixir offers a product with data analytics and visualization that provides necessary basis for operation decisions and strategic evaluation.

Elixir Warehouse management system offers ability to reserve a location area by product category for customers so that goods can be allocated either auto or semi-automatic fashion. It also provides feature to manually allocate pallets in various locations.

Elixir WMS align inventory within the warehouse using reallocation feature and allows user to pick and pack selecting various pallet positions for ship-out. It provides real time visibility of inventory at warehouse locations and goods movement via any smart device. The Billing system is innovative and can be customized as per user needs.